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Our Team

Denise Ardizzone
General Manager
Marc Matlin
Beth Callahan
Office Manager

Our Walkers

All of our walkers are official Chicago Dog Walkers employees. We don't use independent contractors. Nor do we operate a revolving door of casual labor. All of our walkers are hired with the understanding that they will stay with us for at least one year. We want our walkers to form a close bond with the dogs they walk each day, and we know that clients appreciate that consistency.

Employees are subject to a criminal background check and have references checked before starting on the job. They are then put through supervised training to be certain that they are fully aware of Chicago Dog Walkers, Inc. safety procedures and overall standard of pet care.

Melissa Reed Melissa Reed
Melissa Reed
Dog Walker

I've always loved animals and there's nothing more rewarding than spending my days taking care of them. I also have my own rescue cat named Shnuggles. When I'm not walking dogs I love to bake vegan gluten free cookies :-)

Michelle Lenagh Michelle Lenagh
Michelle Lenagh
Dog Walker

Hi my name is Michelle, I have been with Marc since 2001 til Present..Hes a great man, and a wonderful boss..I love walking all my doggies and I wouldnt change it for the world.. Bottom line is I LOVE MY JOB.

Amanda Olbrys Amanda Olbrys
Amanda Olbrys
Dog Walker

A Chicago local,that's just nuts for fur friends. She has her best friend Fiona the cat at home always waiting for her after each day. She loves new puppy smell and on her off time loves photography especially if a dog is the subject!

Rebecca Geber Rebecca Geber
Rebecca Geber
Dog Walker

I've been walking with Chicago Dog Walkers for a little over 2 years. I absolutely love my job and all the dogs I get to see every day. I have a huge heart for animals and I am very passionate about what I do.

Francisco Vargas Francisco Vargas
Francisco Vargas
Dog Walker

I absolutely love dogs. I feel blessed that I get to see so many of them every day. They are my biggest passion which is why I love what I do.

Steve Baltrukonis Steve Baltrukonis
Steve Baltrukonis
Dog Walker

I've always loved all animals, but dogs are far and away my favorite. I'm particularly partial to bulldogs and king charles spaniels.

Dana Anderson Dana Anderson
Dana Anderson
Dog Walker

Dana is an actor and director around town with an especial love for pups. They show us how to be better and more compassionate humans. She has volunteered walking dogs at animal shelters and has walked with CDW for about three years.

Kevin Kevin
Dog Walker

Hello I'm Kevin, I have two dogs of my own. One is a border collie and a mini doxen. I enjoy being outside, hiking or a fun road trip.

Krista Reese Krista Reese
Krista Reese
Dog Walker

I have had a lifelong passion for animals and have been privileged to work with all types of animals from tiny kittens to orca whales. Dogs will always be my favorite though! When I am not walking pups I love listening to house music and making delicious food for me and my partner (who is also lucky enough to work for CDW).

Ryan Narikawa Ryan Narikawa
Ryan Narikawa
Dog Walker

I love dogs and cats.

Melissa Hernandez Melissa Hernandez
Melissa Hernandez
Dog Walker

I have always adored being around dogs. They have the uncanny ability to liven you up in a heartbeat. Family time is very important to me, I'm a mom of two wonderful boys' and a 4 y/o yorkiepoo Bellatrix. When I'm not engrossed in a book, I'm out trying new things with my kids and husband.

Cori Bomgardner Cori Bomgardner
Cori Bomgardner
Dog Walker

Cori is a photographer by trade with a passion for conservation and maintaining the beauty of the planet. She is a proud dog mom of Molokai, a rescued Basenji mix. Molokai went from being a street dog to jet setting wherever Cori travels. They are inseparable. Outside of enjoying every walk with her furry four-legged clients, she also enjoys practicing yoga, running, cooking, and backpacking.

Timothy Claxton Timothy Claxton
Timothy Claxton
Dog Walker

I'm an avid dog lover and cyclist. Bringing the two together is my greatest joy! It's amazing how much love and laughter a dog brings to our lives.

Brandon Dams Brandon Dams
Brandon Dams
Dog Walker

I'm a college student at Columbia College Chicago. I rescued a dog from Paws when I was 19. I love sports, music, and spending time outdoors with my pup.

Meghan E McDonald Meghan E McDonald
Meghan E McDonald
Dog Walker

I've loved dogs ever since I was 5 years old and met my best friend, Isabel, a 2 month old Newfoundland pup. She grew up with me until I was in high school and I've spent my days since trying to be more dog-like; empathetic. (I also draw and write on the side and attached a picture of an ink drawing of all the dogs my parents have raised.)

Jessica Oleson Jessica Oleson
Jessica Oleson
Dog Walker

In addition to visual art & music a love for animals has been a central part of my life. When I am not walking your pup I work on illustrations and tour with my R&B musical project or hangout with my cat and fishes. I am so grateful to be given opportunities to care for such a wide variety of creatures and get to know great dogs!

Alex Otake Alex Otake
Alex Otake
Dog Walker

There's not much I like more than a nice walk or a day in the park playing with a dog or some dogs. But when I am not with a canine buddy I enjoy playing drums in one of the bands I play in or cooking food with my human buddies.

Jeff Jeff
Dog Walker

Hey I'm Jeff! I really love dogs and currently care for two terrier-mixes named Lainey and Wesley. I'm also a big music lover so when I'm not hanging with the dogs you can usually catch me at a show somewhere around the city.

margaret baker margaret baker
Margaret Baker
Dog Walker

From Princeton, NJ, recent transplant to the midwest. I'm crazy about dogs - about most animals. In my free time I enjoy painting, swimming and going to the movies.

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