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Notes & Letters From Our Customers

Dear Mark and Robert,

I wanted to write and express my extreme gratitude and appreciation for all the time and effort that you put into working with my dog, Clifford. Finding an organization that would take the time to listen to a fairly narcotic dog owner and that would even consider working with an aggressive dog was just the biggest relief. I had spoken with countless other organizations in the city and met with quite a few of them; only to be so discouraged and “turned off” by the people and the services. Chicago Dog Walkers was mentioned to me by a number of friends when I expressed my struggles – your services were very highly recommended and I must say lived up to every compliment I had heard and then some! I know that I may sound like a nut but my dog is very special to me, he really is my “child” and both of you listened to me and took my feelings and situation into such consideration – it was so touching to meet people who did not judge me for keeping a dog with “issues” but who supported me and made every accommodation possible to help me out. THANK YOU!

I realize that it is standard for you to meet with aggressive dogs to ensure the safety of you employees, but the fact that you showed up twice (and on your birthday none the less AND after being bit at) to meet Clifford and I showed how much you not only invest in your business, but in your clients. I cannot express how much I appreciate the time you took in talking and meeting with me!

 You may very well be one of the kindest individuals I have met in Chicago – you were even polite with a dog growling and nipping at you endlessly. The amount of time and effort you spent (on your time off and late in the evenings too) to acquaint yourself with Clifford and to ease my fears showed how seriously you are in invested in your job. You unarguably deserve the title of “The most Dedicated Dog Walker in Chicago.” You not only worked so well with Clifford, but you really made me completely comfortable with entrusting my home and my “child” with you. You took an interest in understanding my relationship with Clifford so that you could better understand how you could adapt to us. That really shows your compassion for the clients you work with. You are an amazing dog walker and you should be very proud of the manner in which you present yourself to clients – with both personality and professionalism. I will recommend you to anyone I know who has a dog.

Again and again – thank you both so much for your services! You do a FANTASTIC job!

-Kate Bishop

I have been a client of Chicago Dog Walkers for over one year now. Marc Matlin and his group provide exceptional dog walking services. Their services include everything from walking your dog to playing with them and giving them food and water.

I have a big Alaskan Malamute, named Bandit, who was in need of some extra attention and excercise during the day. Chicago Dog Walkers was able to fill this need by setting up a daily schedule to take Bandit for a walk and play with him. After every walke, the dog walker would leave a note saying what they did and where they walked.

There were also some times where I couldn’t make it home on time to feed and walk Bandit. I was able to give Marc a call at the last minute and he would go out of his way to make sure Bandit was fed and taken out for a walk.

I always felt very comfortable knowing that Bandit was in good hands with Marc and his group. I highly recommend the dog walking services of Chicago Dog Walkers


-Michael & Bandit

When I finally made the decision to get a puppy, I did all my homework, including searching for a dog walker. Although I don’t work long hours , I realized that a young puppy may have trouble going six hours without a trip outdoors, and would need a midday feeding. I called a few services I found online, but Marc from Chicago Dog Walkers took the most immediate genuine interest in my puppy, who hadn’t even come home yet!

When I brought Delilayh home, Marc and my walker, Jen, came right away to meet her. I was very impressed with how they interacted so well, and I knew I hada found a perfect fit!

Delilah is over a year old now, and well trained, and very even-tempered. I think a lot of that has to do with the love and care that Jen and Marc have given to her. They have been a huge help in raising her, and I don’t know what I would have done without them! Delilah just adores them and thinks of them as part of the family!

Dear Mark,

Words can’t describe how wonderful you’ve been to Sunny. We appreciate everything!


-Paulo & Liz