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How Can I Protect My Dog’s Feet from Salt in the Winter?

Winter in Chicago can be a real challenge for your dog.  Some love the cold and snow and can’t wait to get outside.  Some dogs would like to stay inside till Spring.  But we all have to brave the elements at some point.  In addition to lots of snow, temperatures have been scary cold!  And there has been an alarming amount of salt on the sidewalks!

Booties!  So many options!  Below are just a few ideas for keeping your dog healthy and comfortable.

Rubber booties come in a wide range of colors and are inexpensive.  However, even the most placid dog has a hard time adjusting to these things on his feet.  If she sits there long enough for you to get them on…and that’s a big if…she walks very funny and does everything possible to get them off.

There is another doggie bootie…made of felt.  It has a wide opening for your dog’s paw to fit into easily.  And a Velcro wrap to keep it securely on.  These come in a range of colors and prices.

There are also numerous places on the internet that give you instructions on how to make your own booties.

Finally, a good alternative for dogs that absolutely cannot sit still long enough to put on their booties is a thing called Musher’s Secret Wax.  It was originally designed for Canadian sled dogs.  Rub it on the bottom of their paws right before you walk your dog and it keeps out snow and ice and occasional salt particles.

Below are a few Bootie Cuties!