Dog Walking Service

Dog Walking Service

At Chicago Dog Walkers, our goal is to establish a consistent, long-lasting and healthy relationship between our dog walkers and your pets.  That’s why we request a minimum of 3 walks per week, Monday through Friday, when you sign up for service.

All of our canine clients receive personal, one-on-one attention, with 25-minute walks that cater to their individual needs, whether they prefer distance walks or an opportunity to sniff around and explore. And we’ll provide a daily report card so that you’re always aware of how your dog is doing while you’re away.

On Individual Attention

By consistently providing the same walker each day, our dog walker develops a personal relationship with your pet. And individual attention is just as important. Chicago Dog Walkers guarantees that your dog(s) will receive the best quality attention during their full 25-minute session. A Chicago Dog Walkers session means 20 minutes of walking time, leaving the last five minutes for clean-up, refilling water, treats and leaving you a note about the day’s walk.

For pricing information, including weekend and holiday rates, visit ourChicago Dog Walkers Pricing & Policies page.

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