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Our Story

In 1999, I was working long hours in a corporate environment and not loving it. I had to hire a dog walker because the thought of leaving my beloved dog home all day by herself was unconscionable.

It was then that I looked at my job and the one I had just provided for the walker. The revelation was immediate: spending time outdoors with wonderful companions seemed like a much better idea than sitting behind a desk in a windowless office.

I started Chicago Dog Walkers that year and business grew by word of mouth. From my experience as a lifelong dog owner, I knew precisely what other pet owners were looking for and what I could gladly provide… responsible, affectionate, active companionship.

I myself have 2 dogs and 3 cats at home now—all rescues, which is something that I am passionate about.

Sugar is the real boss of Chicago Dog Walkers.  She lets us know how we’re doing, where we should sit, who we should trust.  She’s tough but fair and we all adore her!
Marc adopted Gretchen about 2 years ago.  Her owner was put into a nursing home and the family took Gretchen to a shelter that will euthanize unadopted dogs.  As far as Gretchen is concerned the sun rises and sets with Marc.  She follows him everywhere.  She’s a crabby old lady with the neighbor kids, but loves, loves, loves Marc.
Gracie is a boy.  Yes, a boy with a girl’s name.  He was wandering around the alley behind Marc’s house for months.  The neighbors called him Gracie, never having had a chance to get up close and personal.  When Marc decided to make Gracie part of his family, he also decided to have him spayed.  That’s when he found out it was a neuter job!  But he has always remained Gracie.  And he’s ok with it.

*Special thanks to Seth Casteel for the pictures of Marc’s animals.

It gives me immense satisfaction to know that our clients, just in choosing a pet care service, are thinking about their pet’s happiness and well-being.  I am moved every single day that our clients allow us into their homes to become an important part of their pets’ daily lives.

When it comes to my business, I’m proud of a few things-  the insurance I carry, a staffed office and my accessibility. But, in truth, I am most proud of my walkers. These individuals are always, always people that I would trust to watch my own pets. They are all kind, responsible and compassionate, with a real affinity for animals and I am supremely fortunate to be associated with each and every one of them.

* In fact, Chicago Dog Walkers gives a discount to those clients who have rescued dogs from animal shelters. We also donate $100 to a local shelter or organization for every successful referral.